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Erik Nygard, CEO LimeJump

What’s it all about? Limejump are one of the great UK cleantech start-up stories. Recently acquired by Shell Ventures, the company continues to grow and play an active part in the clean energy transition. I talk to CEO and Co-Founder Erik Nygard about the company journey, including how they helped in the recent UK blackout, […]


Rob Jolly, CEO Evezy

What’s it all about? I met Rob and his co-founder Dannan at the Oxford EV summit recently, though they had been on my radar a while. Hardly surprising given there success. In the two years since, the business has grown from the initial 5 cars they launched with in Birmingham, to now being the largest […]

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Martin Baart, CEO Ecoligo

What’s it all about? Martin Baart has a passion to bring solar projects to the Commercial and Industrial (C&I) sector in emerging markets. Fighting against local misconceptions about what solar can do, and bigger issues around how to fund such projects, they found a solution through crowdfunding, and transparency in all areas of the business. […]

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Sven Schulz, CEO Akasol

What’s it all about? Sven has a great story to tell, from a 5 person academic start up, to IPO and international expansion in just 10 years. Sven shares the highs and lows of the journey, what it takes to build a battery Gigafactory in Europe, and some possibly controversial thoughts on electric flight.  A […]

How to deal with over inflated salaries in ‘hot’ markets

It’s an unavoidable fact that when you want to scale your business, you need to recruit your team, and you want to recruit the best you can afford. At least I hope you do, otherwise I’d question your recruitment strategy. But what about when the market is ‘hot’ and the best you can afford doesn’t […]

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CEO & Founder Matt Allen

This week I’m joined by CEO of Pivot Power, Matt Allen. If you are in the cleatech sector you would have been hard pushed not to have seen the exciting news and developments at Pivot Power in the last few months. Pivot Power are developing, funding and operating large scale battery storage projects connected directly […]

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Thought Leader Roger Atkins

This week David is joined by eMobility insider Roger Atkins, they discuss, among other things, Tesla’s market capitalisation, City wide diesel bans, the German luxury auto brands and their electrification issues, mobility as a service, the costs of battery storage and the pending Chinese eMobility scale up. About our guest Roger Atkins on Linked In. […]