I was first introduced to the world of smart and future mobility some years ago by Author, Key Note speaker and Hyperion Executive Search advisor Lukas Neckermann. It was Lukas who also introduced me to Sampo Hietanen and his company MaaS Global. I’ve been a convert to the concept of Mobility as a Service for some time and have watched MaaS Global with interest, culminating with last week’s large investment from BP. It was great to catch up with Sampo to discuss this and more.

About our guest

Sampo Hietanen (Civ. Eng. ) is the CEO of MaaS Global Ltd. He is father to the concept “Mobility as a Service”, a paradigm change in transport offering. Hietanen’s background is in executive positions in civil engineering and ITS and he has been founding and heading several international businesses in the field.

MaaS Global is the world’s first true Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) operator with its award-winning Whim service. The company implements the Mobility as a Service concept by building the world’s first mobility ecosystem. MaaS Global aspires to improve the level of service in the transport sector by combining public and private transport services from brand new cars to taxis, rental cars, trains, buses and city bikes.
Whim is a mobility app that helps you to manage all your daily commuting needs in one app, right from your phone. The service covers everything from journey planning to tickets, ride orders, car rentals and payments – all included in a convenient monthly package similar to a mobile phone subscription. Whim is the first commercially available all-inclusive MaaS solution on the market. With Whim, payments are always handled within the same application to ensure the hassle-free user experience.


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Sampo’s Blog: Why I Think BP Investment in MaaS Global Is a Good Thing…al-is-a-good-thing/

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