I first became aware of the work of Kimmo Rauma, and Visedo from my good friends at Life Size. I’ve long believed in the electrification of everything, though I’m always open to be persuaded otherwise! There are of course some areas where that is far more challenging. Heat is one, and long haul and heavy transport are two such areas. Kimmo has been addressing long-haul and heavy transport for many years, and it’s great to share his thoughts and how this problem is being solved.

About our guest

Dr. Kimmo Rauma is Vice-President of Danfoss Editron. He co-founded and was CEO of Visedo before the company became Danfoss Editron following its acquisition by the Danfoss Group in December 2017.

Before pioneering heavy-duty electrification with Visedo, Dr. Rauma founded several technology start-ups in various fields, from dental technology to machine learning.

Dr. Rauma holds both Master’s and Doctorates degrees in Electrical Engineering from LUT University in Finland. He is also a member of the Electric Vehicle Systems Program steering group of the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation, as well as a member of LUT University’s Board of Directors.

Danfoss Editron manufacture and deliver the world’s most sophisticated hybrid and fully-electric drivetrains for the marine, off-highway, renewables and transportation sectors. The company’s EDITRON system has been designed from the ground up to ensure maximum efficiency at real-world load speeds. The software-based approach allows for greater intelligent management of power distribution, delivering superior performance for heavy-duty applications in even the mos


Dr Kimmo Rauma on Linked In: www.linkedin.com/in/kimmorauma/
Danfoss Editron on Twitter: twitter.com/DanfossEditron
Danfoss Editron onLinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/company/danfosseditron
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