After last week’s episode we return to the ground but stay with eMobility. Last mile deliveries have never been more needed, as we’re currently so reliant on home deliveries. It’s also fair to say cities, mayors and citizens are quite liking the clean air and lack of both air and noise pollution, I can only expect the successes of Voltia and others in this space will continue. That said, when I first spoke to Juraj some time ago, it was his entrepreneurial story that stood, out. We discuss both in this episode.

About Juraj Ulehla: 

Juraj Ulehla, a former investment banker who specialized in risk management when working for international banks, is the Co-Founder and CEO of Voltia. He holds a PhD from the University of Economics Bratislava. Prior to leading Voltia, Juraj focused on solar power plant development and was instrumental in building up Voltia’s predecessor Greenway Operator (GWO), together with his co-founder and co-investor Peter Badik, who heads Voltia’s sister company Greenway Infrastructure (GWI).

About Voltia

Voltia is a European e-mobility specialist based in Bratislava, Slovakia. Launched in 2015, with the mission to help make commercial e-mobility effective and affordable, it supports OEMs by broadening the usability of their mass-market electric LCV models. Voltia’s approach is to add value in terms of application-specific re-design for different purposes. It provides development know-how, vehicle structure engineering, prototyping, production set-up, and sales & marketing support. It has clients in 11 European countries. More than 500 Voltia e-vans already operate successfully in large urban environments, such as London, Paris, Nice, Dortmund, Tallinn or Bratislava.

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