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The genesis of start-ups fascinates me. No two stories are alike, and often it is a random situation, that highlights a problem, that requires a solution, that inspires the entrepreneur. Hugo’s story is a great example of this. We live in a 24/7, 365 connected world, but you’re not connected if your battery is dead!

About our guest

Hugo Tilmouth, CEO and Founder of ChargedUP, dubbed by the BBC as “The Boris Bike of Phone charging.” After studying both a degree and Masters in Renewable Energy Engineering Hugo spent time with payment processing start-up Tilt, and innovative cleantech start-up Pavegen, which generates clean energy from footfall. He went on to co-found ChargedUp in 2017.

ChargedUp has a distributed network of shareable power banks across London, allowing their users to keep their mobile phones charged up whenever you are out and about. ChargedUp is revolutionising the way you charge your phone on the go. Simply, rent a power bank, charge your devices and then return it to any station across the network. You now never need to worry about charging your phone on the go again!

ChargedUp Batteries combine cutting edge technology with green electricity to become the best solution to your battery life problems. Includes iPhone, Micro-USB and USB Type C cables.

The company have ambitious plans to scale internationally.

Hugo Tilmouth on Linked In https://www.linkedin.com/in/hugotilmouth/

ChargedUp on Twitter  https://twitter.com/ChargedUpWorld

ChargedUP on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/ChargedUpWorld/

ChargedUp   https://www.chargedup.green/

News stories discussed this week

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