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The success of the eMobility revolution hinges on many things, more vehicles of course, the charging infrastructure, and of course the brains that connect everything and make it all work. This week I’m speaking with Doran Frenkel, CEO of a company that is the brains behind the eMobility revolution.

About our guest

Doron Frenkel is the Founder and CEO of Driivz. An experienced entrepreneur, Doron has over 20 years’ international experience in various roles across the IT, telecoms and EV sectors.

Prior to founding Driivz, Doron was Co-Founder and CEO of We! Secure, a cybersecurity solution provider for enterprise customers. He has also held management roles at major organisations such as Sphera, Amdocs and MTS Systems Corporation.

Doron has served as an advisory board member for Micronet, a leading fleet management solutions provider, while he also holds an Electrical Engineering degree from Tel Aviv University.

Driivz is an operating system for global EV charging. The company’s cloud-based platform supports over 120 types of EV chargers and includes billing capability, roaming interoperability and self-healing functionality. The Driivz platform is also vehicle-to grid enabled, allowing EV drivers to act as virtual power plants by becoming suppliers, receiving compensation and reducing energy consumption.

Based in Tel Aviv, Israel, Driivz’s team of EV experts are working for customers in 17 countries. The company already counts global industry players such as EVgo, ElaadNL, ESB and Centrica as customers, while it manages some of the largest public EV charging networks in North America and Europe. In total, tens of thousands of EV chargers are linked to Driivz’s platform, which is also used by more than 300,000 EV drivers.


Website: driivz.com/
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/company/driivz/
Twitter: twitter.com/Driivz_EV
Doron LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/doronfrenkel/
Company milestone (Centrica investment): driivz.com/centrica-ombu-invest-in-driivz/
Company milestone (INVEN Capital investment): driivz.com/inven-capital-invests-driivz/


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