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As you will hear on the podcast I was introduced to Liam Berryman via a mutual friend and previous podcast guest, Michael Hopkins. I’m so excited about some of the unseen (literally) technologies that are playing such an important role in the fight against the climate crisis. Nanotechnologies are one such area, and this is what we explore on this podcast. I hope you enjoy the episode.

About Liam Berryman: 

Liam is CEO and Co-Founder at Nelumbo, a company making physical products resistant to the elements, higher performance, and environmentally sustainable by creatively applying nanostructured materials. As CEO, Liam has led Nelumbo from garage start-up to an emerging company solving major problems for top tier clients. Nelumbo has received greater than $17M in private funding, is developing multiple products that provide breakthrough results for customers and the climate and is forging a defining culture to enable continued excellence in materials innovation and commercialization. Liam is also a personal advisor and mentor to select CEOs building big, unique ventures. He supports areas including deep technology and climate spaces, market analysis and financial planning, fundraising, clarifying story, public speaking, strategic deal structuring, and building growth teams.

Liam is a proud member of the Young President’s Organization (YPO), the Thiel Fellowship, and Forbes 30 under 30 for Energy. He has been a featured speaker at a variety of energy and climate conferences, including: Cleantech Forum, European Venture Fair, NREL Industry Growth Forum, Energy & Impact Symposium, Cleantech Open, Verge, Hive, National Investment Banking Association (NIBA), SinBerBEST, and the Cleantech University Prize.

Liam attended UC Berkeley for Chemical Engineering and worked as a lead researcher in the Design for Nanomanufacturing Lab. His research led to a novel synthesis process for polymer microspheres that was patented and later published in Progress in Organic Coatings.

Liam is a lifetime reader, runner, and surfer. He grew up on the coast of Northern California and currently lives in Berkeley.

About Nelumbo

Nelumbo is democratizing the use of nanostructure to solve problems for people and the planet. When a surface is nanostructured, it can be used to create game-changing benefits like ships that never corrode, planes that don’t have problems with ice, machines that are permanently clean, air conditioners that don’t leak refrigerant, and production processes that use far less energy and resources, but this outstanding capability is not regularly used in products today. To change this, we have created the first technology that is able to apply relatively precise nanostructures to surfaces in a low cost, scalable, and environmentally sustainable manner. We focus today on products such as air conditioners / refrigerators and textiles, which represent an aggregate opportunity greater than $200 billion dollars and 500 million tons of mitigated carbon equivalent emissions per year. We serve manufacturers and brands seeking unique products with an industry leading sustainability edge and have partnered with top tier firms around the world that leverage our solutions today. We are continuously expanding how our platform changes products and lives with new partnerships that push forward the adoption of nanostructure as a powerful tool to solve pain points for products and the planet.

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