I make no apology for starting the year back talking about batteries. EnerVenue caught my eye recently after a $12m seed round, but whilst they are a very young company, their technology has been used for many years, mainly in space! They now have a way to make their technology cost competitive and not so astronomical in cost (see what I did there?). Getting energy storage right, at all scales and for various use-cases is vital to a successful energy and mobility solution. Take a listen to where EnerVenue fit into that transition.

About Jorg Heinemann: 

Jorg Heinemann joined EnerVenue as CEO when the company launched in 2020. Previously, Jorg led strategy and operations for Primus Power, a long-duration energy storage provider. Prior to entering the battery sector, he led SunPower’s billion-dollar global power plant business unit, helping build out more than 2000 MW of solar power plants. Earlier in his career, Jorg served as an Executive Partner at Accenture, where he led business transformation programs at tech companies including Apple, HP, and Intuit. Outside of work, Jorg is an avid cyclist. He lives in the Bay Area, where EnerVenue is headquartered.

About EnerVenue:

EnerVenue builds simple, safe, and maintenance-free energy storage for the clean energy revolution – based on technology proven over decades in extreme conditions, now scaled for large renewable energy integration applications. EnerVenue’s batteries, which are based on technology used successfully for decades in outer space use cases, deliver a zero maintenance and lower cost alternative to lithium-ion for large-scale stationary energy storage, even in the most challenging climates. The company was founded by Dr. Yi Cui, a Professor of Materials Science and Engineering at Stanford University.

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