My team at Hyperion Executive Search have loved building teams for some of the amazing companies being funded by Breakthrough Energy Ventures. Long durations energy storage is a genuine game-changer, and after a recent $10million fundraise I was delighted to ask Quidnet Energy CEO Joe Zhou to share his, and their story.

About Joe Zhou: 

Joe Zhou is the CEO of Quidnet Energy, which commercializes a breakthrough in geomechanical pumped hydro for energy storage. Prior to Quidnet Energy, Joe worked at Green Charge Networks, a California-based energy storage project developer that was acquired by Engie in 2016. Joe started his career in heavy-industry capital projects, and holds a B.Sc. in Chemical Engineering and a MBA.

About Quidnet

Quidnet Energy was launched with the vision of building breakthrough energy technology to accelerate the energy transition. Quidnet Energy pioneered a novel form of pumped hydro that is widely deployable at very low cost called Geomechanical Pumped Storage. Subsurface rock layers are converted into energy storage facilities for large-scale renewables integration and grid management. Standing upon the shoulders of established hydroelectric and subsurface supply chains, Quidnet Energy repurposes existing resources to quickly marshal implementable solutions for long-duration electricity storage.

Quidnet Energy is backed by leading investors including Breakthrough Energy Ventures, Evok Innovations, Trafigura, and PRIME Coalition. Quidnet Energy is also partnered with multiple government agencies for advanced energy technologies, such as the US Department of Energy and NYSERDA.

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