As you know, I’m a bit of a battery nerd, and we’ve had many great CEOs and experts in the subject on the podcast to date. I’d been very keen to have a conversation on the podcast with Doug Campbell, CEO of Solid Power for some time, solid state batteries being another big leap in battery evolution. I hope you enjoy the conversation.

About Doug Campbell: 

Doug Campbell is the CEO and co-founder of Solid Power. He established the company as a spin-out business of the University of Colorado Boulder in 2012 and has led the company through its early development phase into its current phase of achieving the first step of production scale. 

He has been instrumental in establishing the company’s strategy of focusing on rapid product development with follow-on iterations toward meeting customer requirements. To this end, he has been instrumental in the company’s customer and partner outreach as evidenced by the large collection of customers and strategic investors Solid Power has assembled that includes BMW, Hyundai Motor Corporation, Samsung, Solvay and Sanoh among several others.

Mr. Campbell is a startup veteran with nearly 20 years of experience in hardware-based new technology developments in the markets of energy storage, aerospace and defense. In parallel to Solid Power, Mr. Campbell co-founded and led Roccor, an industry leader in small satellite components including solar arrays, antennas, boom systems and thermal management systems. The company supports a wide array of commercial satellite constellation, military and space exploration customers.  Mr. Campbell stepped down as CEO of Roccor effective January 1, 2019 in order to focus on Solid Power but remains on the Board of Directors of Roccor.

About Hyperion Executive Search

Solid Power is an industry-leading developer of all solid-state rechargeable batteries. Solid Power’s all solid-state batteries replace the liquid electrolyte in a conventional lithium-ion battery with a highly stable solid ion-conducting material. As a result, Solid Power’s all solid-state batteries have the potential for substantially greater energy and safety in comparison to current industry-standard Lithium-ion batteries. Solid Power works in partnership with BMW and Ford to develop all solid-state batteries for next-generation electric vehicles. The company’s first equity-based investment round ($20M) was announced in late 2018.

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