That the cleantech industry is so dynamic is one of its biggest appeals, and its biggest challenges. At Hyperion our goal is to help the world’s best cleantech companies find the talent to achieve their goals and ambitions, and to help founders towards their desired exit. I interviewed LImejump founder, and former CEO Erik Nygard on a previous episode, at the time Hyperion were supporting him to hire a COO. That process went well, and Cat Newman was hired into the role, so well in fact that she has recently been promoted to CEO as Erik moves on to new pastures, after their acquisition by Shell. It was great to talk to Cat about the challenges of moving from corporate to start-ups, about building structure and process for growth, about diversity and so much more. I hope you enjoy the episode.

About Catherine Newman

Catherine joined Limejump in February 2020, initially to run the Commercial and Trading teams as COO. In July 2020, Catherine moved into the role of CEO with plans to drive the company’s growth towards becoming the largest transformational player in the global renewable market. Previous to Limejump, Catherine spent 11 years at Gazprom Marketing and Trading. During this time Catherine was in a variety of roles – most noteworthy being COO of Trading and Director of Global IT and Delivery – she also chaired the operating committee. Prior to this, Catherine worked at BP. Even though Catherine has worked in the energy trading space for over 20 years, her career started in bioinformatics at Pfizer – she also spent time enjoying the dotcom bubble. This initial career choice followed her BSc (Hons) in Genetics and MSc in Bioinformatics in 1998, both from the University of Manchester. After the dotcom bubble burst, Catherine moved into energy consultancy where she spent time at most of the major energy players across Europe. In her spare time Catherine enjoys family life, keeping fit, gardening and cooking. She is a mental health first aider and is a strong advocate for keeping ‘the balance’ right in life. 

About LimeJump

Limejump is the leading Energy Tech company in the world. There is nothing exactly the same as Limejump in the world today.

Limejump is changing the way the world transacts energy. By embracing technology, machine learning algorithms and human trading ability, we realise the unrealisable, to truly deliver renewable resources where demand requires electricity, in sub-second speed. Limejump’s Virtual Power Platform is an aggregation of flexible energy generation and storage assets of different sizes and technology types. Our goal is to deliver 100% renewable energy at all times to our customers through the direct real-time connectivity between renewable energy sources, storage flexibility such as batteries and demand response. We use our tools, data science and Artificial Intelligence (AI), to fight the impact of climate change, with the ultimate ambition of delivering a sustainable energy future. Limejump created history by being the first energy company to trade an aggregated unit and the first to trade batteries in the UK Balancing Mechanism market. We manage the largest portfolio of batteries in the United Kingdom. With an eye on completing the energy puzzle in the UK between supply and demand for renewables, Limejump is leading the way to a truly renewable future.

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